Sunday, April 28, 2013

Marisna successfully overtook other finalists in English Essay Competition 2013

The judges and the winners: Mrs Sonya, Bu Marisna, Mrs. Ratminingsih, Pak Suastika, Bu Ari, Mr. Wage

Saturday, April 20: Marisna successfully overtook other finalists to be the first winner in English Essay Competition 2013. Her score exceeded Suastika’s and Ari’s who also brilliantly presents their essay. She collected 1280.8 points, 46.6 points ahead Suastika as the second winner, and 105.8 points ahead Ari Marlini as the third Winner.

The final score is the accumulation of the instantic scoring (essay score) and the dynamic scoring (presentation score). The Instantic scoring was done on 9-14 of April by three judges and resulted eight finalists. And the dynamic scoring was done on 20 of April in Kampus Bawah Undiksha Singaraja through presentation. (To see all the finalists’ score, visit this link)

FYI, English Essay Competition 2013 was the first teacher’s competition in English Education Department and part of Social Gathering 2013. It took “The Implementation of Curriculum 2013 in All Level of Education” as the main theme. It pulled 13 teachers to participate in this competition. According to the event coordinator, this event aimed at encouraging teachers’ ideas to contribute to the problems or current issues in Indonesian education (Arik).

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