Professional Activities

This page shows you all about my professional activities as a former student (e.g. campus organization, competition, workshop, leadership coaching, etc.), a part time teacher, and an amateur writer.
Please feel free to look at them and leave a comment(s) or a suggestion(s).
Happy reading.

Some greatest activities (sorted by the most recent): 

1. Entrepreneurship Seminar [Undiksha, July 25, 2013]

English Education Department held a seminar for its alumni and invited the head of Entrepreneurship Affairs of Undiksha, Dr. I Gede Budasi, M.Ed. I participated by being a participant in that two hour seminar. To see the report, visit this link.

2. Global Corps Program - Bali 2013 [Undiksha, June 3-25, 2013]

Global Corps is a program led by Prof. Horn - a Northeastern University lecturer, sponsored by Bali Institute for Global Renewal, and coorporated with Ganesha University of Education to learn about social problems and how to tackle them with social entrepreneurship. So far, there is no online database to show what it is, but I made a sumarry of it and the pictures are in gallery section.

3. Lomba Penulisan Opini tk. Mahasiswa se-Bali [Undiksha, May 19, 2013]

This is an opinion competition held by UKM Persma VISI to memorate the national revival of Indonesia. I WON THE 3rd PLACE with my opinion entitled "Kearifan Lokal dalam Semangat Kebangkitan Nasional Abad XXI" (free translatation: Local Wisdoms in the Spirit of National Revival in the XXI Centuries). The powerpoint can be seen by visiting this link and the paper has been published in the website of UKM Persma VISI.

4. Bali Emerging Writers' Festival 2013 [Singaraja, May 12, 2013]

Bali Emerging Writer Festival had a road show to Singaraja on 11 and 12 of May. Presented some speakers, I was only available to see the talk and seminar given by Laura Mckay on the second day.
I had made a note of the talk, you may visit it here.
You cal also search more about this event in twitter with a hastag #BEWF13.

5. English Essay Competition 2013 [Undiksha, April 20, 2013]

This time I led to organize an English Essay Competition for teachers in Bali. It was part of Social Gathering 2013. The theme we gave to the participants was "The Implementation of Curriculum 2013 in All Level of Education". To see the report, visit this link.

6. Part-time English Teacher [Singaraja, 2011-present]

I've been teaching at Widya Putra IEC since 2011. I teach elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and post-senior high school students. In addition, I've alsoo been a private English tutor around Singaraja since 2011.

7. An Amateur Writer [2010-present]

I like writing very much, although I don't really how to write well. In my college, I wrote for VISI magazine (2010-2011), the Splash Tabloid of English Education Department (2011-2013), and Warta Undiksha (2012 and 2013). I also managed some blogs such as my old blog (I called it The Sophomore), and this blog).

8. Leadership Development [the whole time of my college]

Actually, I started to develop my leadership since elementary school. I was a class leader, and OSIS member in junior and senior high school. In college, I continoued my leadership development by joining  HMJ, Senat Mahasiswa, UKM and BEM. My highest achievement was when I was chosen as THE LEADER of STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (HMJ) of English Education Department in 2011.

Some of the activities are not displayed. It is shown completely in my CV.
[UPDATED in June 2013]


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