Monday, July 22, 2013

An Entrepreneurship Seminar for Alumni of English Education Department

Dr. I Gede Budasi, M.Ed, a lecturer of English Education Department, gave a seminar on entrepreneurship for the alumni on Monday, 22 July 2013. He presented his paper entitled “Mengembangkan Kewirausahaan Melalui Bisnis Jasa Bagi Kaula Muda” for about two hours including Q&A session.

Throughout the presentation, he kept encouraging the audiences to involve in entrepreneurship despite the lack of capital. “The best business is the business with no money. But, it actually generates money” He said. Although he did not also deny that capital is also important, he believed creativity and innovation hold greater role in developing an entrepreneurship.

He also said that entrepreneurship is a promising thing for the alumni of English Education Department. He revealed the fact that the increasing number of the population of Indonesia does not correspond the number of vacancies available nowadays. Therefore, in his opinion, entrepreneurship can decrease the number of unemployment of the alumni.

He also showed the audiences myriad brilliant ideas of entrepreneurship and closed his presentation by showing the projects of entrepreneurship he has worked or is working on.  

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